Women Own All The Vaginas:

Why Men Do What They Do


Women Own All the Vaginas: Why Men Do What They Do is one man’s fascinating journey of self-discovery that unveils 29 uniquely interwoven characteristics that make a man, a man, whether he admits to them, or not.  From Vagina Man to Married Man through Crisis Man to Healing Man this book confronts our illusions about manhood, marriage and monogamy, reveals the truth about male sexuality, and puts forth an argument for making non-monogamy a victimless event.


Women Own All The Vaginas: Why Men Do What They Do calls for heterosexual men to tell the truth to the women they love about how they experience their sexuality. It challenges men to stop telling the Monogamy Lie, acknowledge their true sexual desires and come clean about their ability, or inability, to keep the 7th Commandment: Thou shall have only one vagina for the rest of thy life.  It implores women to heal their insecurities so men can begin to be open and honest.  Let’s face it, when men are required to lie about something as fundamental as their sexuality, it licenses them to lie about everything else. 

Warning: Women Own All The Vaginas will read you. It will spark your fears, challenge your preconceived notions, and inflame your unhealed emotional wounds. But read it anyway.  You will be glad you did.